- Виджет обратной связи + система идентификации трафика!

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Callback script from CallbackHub

Use CallbackHub service facilities and install a script on your site instant callback to increase the number of customers and the identification of each customer using the personal pages Vkontakte!
Universal script form callback is suitable for all types of sites and increase conversion in 1.5-2 times using attractive buttons. After a successful installation, callback script will allow download Statistics for your site and a detailed analysis of the number of potential customers.

CALLBACKHUB.COM — скрипт обратного звонка .

The script call back — step by step instructions for installation

To install the script callback to the site for free, you need to start up on CallbackHub site. After registering your e-mail will receive a letter with the installation step by step instructions. In the beginning you will see the script callback, which will need to be inserted into the footer site to which you want to place a call back button. Html-script and callback instantly appear on your site and it will not go unnoticed for your potential customers. Script call from a site created in order to develop the potential of your business.

Sign up now and get an order script callback

Free registration on the website and the help of our specialists with the installation of the widget code makes installation fast and good. Hurry to install the script and request a call back to the site to test callback button. The results will surpass all your expectations!

Do you want to be able to request a call back — CallbackHub script will

To get the order callback, CallbackHub script to place on your site attractive widget in the form of a telephone handset, by which can not pass any potential customer! Free service for your customers to configure their in a positive way and will soon decide on a purchase on your site.

If you want to install php script callback now, programmer services you do not need

One need only have access to your site, and strictly follow our instructions. But if you experience difficulties, our experts will help you for free to install CallbackHub service over the phone!

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