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Callback for the site from the company CallbackHub

Connect the service call back to the site and get more customers by 200%! Due to the unique design of CallbackHub, you can not only see customers interested in the services of your company, but also to expand the field of activity on social networks by identifying personal pages Vkontakte all visitors to your site.
Callback customers can keep a visitor who does not have time to choose goods and services on the site, as well as contact with them in minutes and sell him the desired position. This will significantly increase its customer base, and consequently increase the income of the company several times! Set a call back to the site from CallbackHub and increase conversion in 1.5-2 times!

CALLBACKHUB.COM — обратный звонок .

A call from a mobile website visitor will significantly increase the profit of your company

According to statistics, only 1-3% of the visitors of your website address on those numbers and make a purchase. Call via the website from CallbackHub breaks this stereotype. Stylish widget will attract the attention of every visitor, and he wants to learn more about your products and services. Moreover, the feedback system can be installed on any motivational button on your site (buy order, etc.). The first communication with your client manager will know how interested potential customer. To learn how to make a call from the site, you must register on the site CallbackHub to get detailed instructions for installing the callback technology.

Set back the call from the site for free

Only companies CallbackHub installation and trial period completely free!
Technology online callback will have 120 potential customers in the trial period. After all, except for applications for the call from the widget CallbackHub it can identify each visitor who was on your site, using personal profiles FaceBook. This service will increase your sales through social networks and make them successful!

Make a call back — optimize sales speed

With the widget from CallbackHub your company will sell a few times faster! Instant delivery of the application to the call on the phone and e-mail, as well as the definition of personal pages Vkontakte allow your managers to immediately contact the customer and sell him the company’s service. Hot clients are good that like quick and successful transaction. Request a call back the buyer save time and increase his satisfaction with your service.

Set on the internet shop call back and sell quickly and easily

If you are the owner of an online store, a widget from CallbackHub catch all the visitors who are interested in your company’s products! One need only activate our application, and service a call back from the site will act immediately! Moreover, you can offer your product through the service Vkontakte, because every visitor can find the website by name using the VC-identifying personal profiles. Optimize sales with CallbackHub.

How to make a call back to the site

Get hot client using the widget from CallbackHub very simple. One need only register on our website and follow the clear instructions that will come to your e-mail. To make a call back to the site, you must enter the application script in the footer of your site and keep izmeneniya.Vidzhet immediately begin to act. Installation takes less than 5 minutes. If you can not install it by yourself, our experts will help you to do this over the phone for free!

callback function on the site can be installed on any type of website.

Widget by CallbackHub perfectly suited to any type of website and platform: Landing-Page, catalog site, online store, online business card. Therefore, from any site can make marketing online resource. Plug-in return call from CallbackHub make your site unique, because only we will integrate technology callback and identification of personal pages Vkontakte all visitors

How to install on site a call back from CallbackHub just 5 minutes

To put a call back to the site, you must register with CallbackHub. After registering your e-mail will receive a letter with detailed information on the installation of the application script in the footer of your site. The procedure takes 5 minutes, after which the application will immediately begin to act and to bring customers

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