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Feedback Form joomla

In the world there are some very popular «»engine»» to create a personal website or online store. One of them was «Joomla», which offers broad functionality at registration, filling the site. Any online business requires the most dense connection with the user of the resource, its hold, and this should help in the form Joomla feedback.

CALLBACKHUB.COM — форма обратной связи joomla .

feedback module joomla 3, 2.5

Sites on this «»engine»» support a huge number of add-ons, which are designed to improve, enhance site functionality. Some of them allegedly distributed for free, but as a rule, have trimmed function and in the end still have to buy the full version of the plugin. So, get ready for the fact that the feedback module joomla 3, 2.5 will cost a certain amount.

Callback joomla

You can find that plugins joomla feedback form and joomla callback offered separately, but in fact they are one and the same. The difference is that the shape, usually includes more items in the preparation:
• First Name Last Name;
• contact phone number;
• e-mail;
• body of the message with a question or request.
Button also «»call me back»» often consists only of a field with the name of the client and stitching for his phone number. That’s all there is to the company to make a return call to the visitor and to answer his question. But is this enough to the store owner, if there is an option to get more information and data to your subscriber base?

Joomla feedback

Any plug-in that acts as a feedback joomla 2.5 should work quickly. Not every client will wait for an hour or two until he was called back, soon he will find another store and make a purchase there, if the seller will be online. Therefore, addition must have a good level of communication and speed of work, especially if it is paid.

Call back joomla

In many cases, the site owners to «»Joomla»» faced with the installation of plug-ins. Some of them require correction code, add some tags and shortcodes, not every owner has the knowledge in the field of programming. In this case suitable solution from «CALLBACKHUB». This plugin is easily installed on the «»engine»», easily customizable to fit your needs and has a number of additional features that can increase conversion from the site several times.

Joomla order call

The visitor must find the key without any problem, «»call me back»» or «»call to order»». To do this, you need to be able to configure it to share design. Plugin from «CALLBACKHUB» offers flexible configuration icon. After filling out the fields to your mobile phone for several seconds will text message to the customer’s name and contact phone number to which you want to call back

module feedback form joomla 3

Offer from «CALLBAKHUB» is not just a form of feedback — is a versatile tool that will help you create your customer base. It will allow you to keep track of where you come the client from which it is the region with which the platform has been set, define and calculate the associated ip profile VK.

callback module for joomla 3, 2.5, 1.5

Ordering key services «»call me back»» very compact, but it is noticeable. It is easy to configure, is adaptive and is displayed correctly both on desktops and on mobile devices. If it interferes with a person, then he can just drag the mouse button elsewhere. To order call back only need to enter your name and telephone number.»

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